Covenant University
The purpose of our training program is to provide current, useful, and progressive training curricula that provide attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform all aspects of their assigned duties, reinforce previous training, and reflect expanded responsibility that comes with longevity of service.

Covenant’s Training Directors will conduct an in-depth evaluation of all site training requirements and diagnose any hurdles needed to be overcome. They will then prescribe treatments and advanced training solutions based on individual site needs.

Covenant University is a tool used to empower all employees including supervisors, managers, and executives through both on-line time effective courses and in-class instructor lead courses. The online portion of Covenant University is set up to allow an employee to learn at their own pace and choose the courses within the level that is pertinent to his/her position. The progress will be tracked regularly and the employee’s outcomes are easily measured. In addition to increasing the skill sets of Covenant’s supervisory team, Covenant University is also a means to recognize and reward those who accomplish various levels.

Covenant Interactive®
Covenant will utilize its state-of-the-art interactive training program with topical modules designed especially for you. The Covenant Interactive uses simulator technology that previously has only been used in law enforcement training facilities. It is designed to meet today’s security challenges especially in critical infrastructure environments.

The Covenant Interactive enables security personnel to interact with a variety of real life scenarios that are industry and site specific, thus providing the security force with maximum understanding, confidence, enhanced skill sets, and professionalism. This instructor lead training is performance-based and provides for instant review and correction as well as complete documentation of individual and group results.

Demo Videos

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