Who We Are

We emphasize competent, experienced and focused site management. We expect our Account Manager to be able to address and resolve issues directly with client representatives on site. We empower Covenant Account Managers, provide them with the authority necessary to do their jobs and hold them accountable for results. At Covenant, our managers are selected and directed to be proactive in their approach to every component of a client’s security program. We emphasize competitive wages, benefits and incentive programs to deliver stable, effective and motivated security teams to sites.

Recruiting the right people for the right position is the key to successful, long- term relationships. Covenant recognizes the importance of the recruiting process and practices strategic recruiting techniques.
Attracting, screening and recruiting the right people for a particular assignment can in itself be a very labor intensive and time consuming task. That is why Covenant has created a National Recruiting Center that enables local management to establish key parameters that will be used in the initial screening process thus affording the end user the luxury of only interviewing those candidates that have been pre-screened and possess the education, skill sets and salary requirements established for the local facility.

Our empowerment, benefits, career path, and performance incentive approach to our people have enabled Covenant to realize a very high level of retention within our work force. Our people are important. We treat them with respect and ask for their candid opinions on how we can do a better job for our clients. We reward them for productive ideas. Our site managers devote more of their time to teaching, coaching, and developing and listening than to administering discipline.

At Covenant, turnover is defined as total of terminations and resignations of full-time and part-time employees divided by full-time and part-time staff.

Our overall company turnover for 2012 was 23% in an industry where 200% turnover is not uncommon; we take pride in the emphasis we place on the retention of good employees.
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