Mission & Values
Covenant prides itself in the experience, competence, ethics and commitment in satisfying our customers. As a trusted leader in the security industry, Covenant knows what it takes to make and keep our customers happy:
  • Business Ethics & Honesty
  • Customer Satisfaction/Responsiveness
  • Safe, Cost Effective and Professional Operations
  • Employee Care, Growth & Development
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Partnership with Customers
  • Centralized Support/Decentralized Operations
Such values tie our corporate officers, managers, employees and client operations together in a unified approach that delivers safe, high quality services that are unique to the security industry. We understand client needs evolve rapidly in today’s corporate, government and energy markets. Our management focus is proactively anticipating change, instead of reacting to it. Our corporate, regional and project management teams have worked together for many years and take pride in the excellent results and “lessons learned” they have achieved in transitioning major corporate, government and energy security programs. Covenant knows client satisfaction is a daily measurement and must be directed toward the greater goal of safety, a key part of the Covenant culture.
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