We are a privately held, 100% American financially stable Company with long term bank relationships. We are the right size for you: we have the assets, resources, past experience, and a management team to effectively service your needs but we are still small enough to be flexible, responsive, and cost effective.

We have a World-Class safety record. We are proud to have had zero recordable injuries in two of the last three years. What we know about safety will help keep your employees safer, as well as ours.

Excellent employee benefits: “Best in Industry” medical, dental, and 401(k) plans help us experience low employee turnover of approximately 20% per year for similar clients.

Covenant is the leader in innovative and effective training programs. Our Covenant Interactive training affords our officers immediate feedback and significantly increases subject matter retention. Covenant Interactive, together with our portal-based learning facility Covenant University, is rapidly becoming recognized as the “Gold Standard” for security officer training.

We know your concerns and will make them our concerns: We will specifically educate and train our people for the increasing threat of domestic and international terrorism. We have extensive knowledge of CFATS and MARSEC requirements. We will utilize our Covenant Interactive training simulator to test and reinforce the skills necessary to deal with these issues.

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