CSS Team
James E. McGinty
VP of Training & Development
As VP of Training and Development, Mr. McGinty is responsible for the design and management of site specific training programs for each of CSS’ client locations. He is the company’s lead in the development and administration of our state of the art Covenant Interactive which utilizes an interactive simulator to help maximize retention of critical response procedures. He also conducts security and vulnerability assessments for Fortune 1000 companies that include Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Transportation, Electric, Finance and Banking as well as other critical infrastructure companies.

Jim is a 25 year veteran of the Philadelphia Police force, where he served as Commander of the Bomb Disposal Unit. He was a critical player in planning for major events such as the Major League Baseball World Series, All Star Game, Presidential and other dignitary visits, and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. His bomb threat management program has helped clients across the country by utilizing his expert advice in threat evaluation and response.

Jim’s experience has placed him on National panels that have studied the challenges facing Corporate America in this Post 911-era. He lectures across the country to industry professionals on the subject of Critical Incident management. He is a recognized leader in the country’s Safe School Initiative for Critical Response, with over five hundred different school administrators participating in his seminars.

Mr. McGinty was a fact finder in the first World Trade Center Bombing, TWA Flight 800 tragedy and an investigator assigned to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Jim was also assigned to the Oversight Committee for the Columbine High School Investigation and most recently to a National Team for Counter Terrorist Training Strategies.

Mr. McGinty was the founder and president of Protection Planning Inc., a premier risk consulting company.

Mr. McGinty is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Police, Staff and Command and The Pennsylvania State University's Police Management School. He is member of the International Society of Explosive Engineers, the American Society of Industrial Security, the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators and formerly sat on the Board of Directors of the National Tactical Officers Association.

Mr. McGinty has taught over one hundred advanced courses to Federal, State and Local Public Safety officials as well as to corporate leaders associated with the critical infrastructure of this country.

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